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Dirt King

Dirt King Anti-Wobble Kits | DK-124002125-K1

Dirt King Anti-Wobble Kits | DK-124002125-K1


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The Dirt King Anti-Wobble Kit is superior to others on the market since it allows for 360 degrees of limited angle instead of on one axis. This means the housing doesn’t need to clocked in any particular direction when welding to the mating part. It limits the angle to 6 degrees of misalignment by limiting on delrin inserts. Limiting the misalignment upon the delrin inserts is much quieter than the traditional aluminum inserts.

(1) FK Uniball
(1) Uniball Snap Ring
(1) Uniball Cup
(2) Anti-Wobble Delrin Insert
(2) Step Spacer

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