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Dirt King

Dirt King Lower Arm Ball Joints | K80647

Dirt King Lower Arm Ball Joints | K80647


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Premium Polychloroprene Sealed Boot w/ Grease-Relief Valve:
Stands up to environmental extremes and allows contaminants to be flushed
Powdered-Metal Gusher Bearing Technology:
Provides strength and stability and allows grease to flow through bearing surface for reduced friction and long life
Full-Ball Hardened Stud w/ Grease Grooves:
Promotes longer life and smooth articulation
One-piece Forged Housing:
Provides durability and strength
Belleville Washer Pre-Load:
Ensures tight tolerances
Greaseable Design:
MOOG® ball joints are designed to make lubrication service easier, contributing to longer component life
Pressed-in Patented Cover Plate Design
Compressed into place, its placement within the housing virtually eliminates excess axial and radial movement of the full-ball stud, securing a solid steering feel for the life of the part

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