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KW Clubsport 2-Way Damping Coilovers CLA AMG (C118) / A35 AMG (W177)

KW Clubsport 2-Way Damping Coilovers CLA AMG (C118) / A35 AMG (W177)


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Designed to maximize the performance on vehicles with DOT-R and other ultra high-performance tire setups. KW V3 Clubsport coilovers are the ideal choice for double-duty street cars, use at HPDE's(high performance drivers education), time attack or time trials, and club level racing.The Clubsport setup was specially designed on the Nordschleife and the continuous adjustable ride height allows for fine corner weight or making setup changes. The TVR-A and TVC-A valve technology -rovide an unmatched level of separately adjustable damping for the rebound and compression enabling a customized set up appropriate for the vehicle's modifications such as weight, tire characteristics, and other various conditions. The KW V3 Clubsport INOX-LINE coilover kit is the ideal tool for performance-oriented drivers and experienced tuning enthusiasts who place a strong emphasis on the overall performance of their suspension. The KW V3 Clubsport features patented TVR-A and TVC-A technology -hat provides separately adjustable rebound and compression damping. The extensive Adjustment -ange of the independently configurable rebound and compression make it easy to directly influence the steering behavior, directional stability, grip and handling characteristics for confident and repeatable results at the limit of driving dynamics.
Street-legal race track performance! KW V3 Clubsport provides cutting-edge motorsports technology -or those who enjoy unparalleled handling and performance on the road or track.

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