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Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge Kinetic Recovery Rope with Cinch Storage Bag

Rugged Ridge Kinetic Recovery Rope with Cinch Storage Bag


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When it comes to preparing your rig for the next off-road adventure, don't forget to pack the essentials. Rugged Ridge(R) Kinetic Recovery Rope is easily one of the most effective products for successful vehicle recovery that you're likely to ever use. The defining difference is in the ropes elasticity, allowing it to stretch slightly, giving the pulling vehicle a growing momentum before transferring the pulling energy to the stuck vehicle, attempts that result in the pulling vehicle breaking traction against the resistance of both vehicles and becoming immobilized, as well. Kinetic Rope allows for a smooth, gradual transition of load and a 30,000 lbs. breaking strength for convincing pulling power in even the most unstable terrain. Rugged Ridge Kinetic Ropes are 30 feet overall length to accommodate a wide array of recovery scenarios and come with a convenient and rugged cinch-style storage bag.
This Kinetic Recovery Rope with Cinch Storage Bag from Rugged Ridge is able to hold a 7/8" x 30-Feet 7500 WLL Rope.

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